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Aaron Supreme explains all of the types of shipping container delivery trucks. Contact us to learn more about our containers and services.

When you order a shipping container, you need a way to get it to your site. A truck driver will deliver your unit wherever you specify, provided there is enough clearance to safely do so. There are many types of shipping container delivery trucks depending on the size, purpose and location of your container.

Shipping container providers either use their own truck drivers or they utilize a third party trucking partner to deliver the containers. Usually, ground delivery option is the standard delivery option, with most trucks being tilt beds, flat deck trailers or roll back trucks.

Tilt Bed

Tilt bed trucks are the most common when delivering 20-foot shipping containers. These short bed trucks have a tilt bed that is mounted to the chassis. These vehicles are designed to carry empty shipping containers weighing about 5,000 lbs. The container will be loaded at the yard with a container handler. Upon arrival at the site, the driver will raise the hydraulic bed until the rear corners touch the ground. The container will then slide gently to the ground as the driver moves forward.

Flat Deck Trailers/Roll Back Trucks

When getting a 40-foot shipping container delivered, flat deck and roll back trucks are frequently used, towed by either a light-duty truck or heavy-duty tractor. This type of truck can carry empty or full containers. Hot shot deliveries can be made by four-wheel-drive trucks with a shorter wheel base to better access tight spaces.

Flat Beds

Flat beds and chassis type trailers are used for bulk purchases or when the delivery site is located a long distance from the container yard. The customer will generally need to have certain equipment on site to help unload the containers. A three-ton forklift can unload a 20-foot container thanks to pockets in the bottom. For 40-foot containers, you will need a crane for unloading.

If you choose to pick up a shipping container from a port, the empty container is delivered via a chassis type trailer. The customer is billed hourly, even though the driver remains on site for live loading. A ramp or loading dock will be necessary to get to the container because it will be elevated several feet from the ground. If you are unable to unload the container all on one day, you can choose to pay a daily rental fee on the chassis trailer.

No matter which type of delivery truck brings your container to the site, the professionals at Aaron Supreme will always be forthright with you about how to be prepared.

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