Can I buy or rent a container for international shipping?

Currently, Aaron Supreme Container Co. is renting and selling containers for local storage only

I’m moving, can I load the container at my old house and have it moved to my new house?

Aaron Supreme Container Co. is not equipped to move loaded containers. Our containers are intended for local storage only.

What size storage units are available?

The most common size ground level storage containers are 8X20 and 8X40. 8X10, 15 and 45’ containers are also available on a more limited basis. Aaron Supreme can fabricate any other custom size required.

Where on my property can I put the container?

A storage container should ideally be located on a flat, hard, dry surface that can support the weight of a truck driving on it. If you are unsure if your location is suitable, simply call and speak to a salesman and we will gladly go over the site conditions with you and work out exactly where to place the container.

Can I have the doors facing either way?

Yes, the door end of the container can be loaded facing forward where the driver sits (doors to cab) or rearward off the end of the truck (doors to rear) to make sure the doors are accessible from the part of the property you are working from.

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