Choosing the right shipping container for your needs can be a challenging task, but with the right guidance, you can make an informed decision. Aaron Supreme is the place to pick the perfect shipping container for your needs. To ensure your belongings are stored and protected efficiently, follow these steps:
What are you planning on storing? Fragile items, such as electronics, artwork, or precision machinery, often require containers with additional features like padded interiors, custom supports, or climate control to prevent temperature or humidity damage.

What size do you need? Select a size that comfortably accommodates your items with room for future additions. Calculate the length, width, height of the items. Make sure you leave room to get to the items without crawling up on your stuff. Additionally, you’ll might need to account for packing materials to protect and secure your goods.

Do you need a lock? Aaron Supreme provides lockable containers which are designed to provide an extra layer of protection against theft and unauthorized access. We have a variety of locking mechanisms such as the traditional padlocks, crossbar locks, and high-security lock boxes that are integrated into the container’s structure. The high-security locks are resistant to tampering, cutting, and drilling, and offer superior protection.

What about door location? Containers can have doors in various configurations: at one end, on both ends, on the side or on top. The position of he door can have different purposes and advantages such as:
1.) End Door Containers

  • Standard Configuration: Most containers come with doors located at one end. This setup is ideal for general storage and shipping needs where items are loaded front to back.
  • Benefits: Maximizes structural integrity and security, as there are fewer modifications to the container walls.
  • Considerations: Accessing items stored at the far end can be difficult without unloading other contents first.

2.) Double-End Door Containers

  • Dual Access Points: Containers with doors at both ends offer greater flexibility in loading and unloading goods.
  • Benefits: Easier access to items, which can be particularly useful for long or heavy items that need to be moved with machinery like forklifts.
  • Considerations: The added convenience might come with a slight increase in cost. Also, consider the security aspects of having two sets of doors to secure.

3.) Side Door Containers

  • Full or Partial Access: Some containers have side doors that can run the full length or just a part of the side, providing more significant access to the contents.
  • Benefits: Ideal for storage purposes where frequent access to various parts of the container is necessary without having to unload everything. Also beneficial for converting containers into living spaces, offices, or shops.
  • Considerations: The large opening may affect the structural integrity, which must be compensated for with additional reinforcement, potentially increasing costs. Security can also be a concern, as more doors may require additional security measures.

4.) Top Door Containers

  • Specialized Use: Containers with top access are less common but useful for specific types of cargo, like heavy machinery or bulk materials that are loaded from the top.
  • Benefits: Enables the loading of oversized items or materials that must be poured in.
  • Considerations: Special equipment like cranes may be necessary to utilize top door containers effectively.

Request a quote today to find the best option for your needs. Compare our prices and consider your budget and we’ll be sure that Aaron Supreme can supply you the best storage or shipping container available.