When looking for storage opportunities for your construction site, you’ll probably think of storage trailers and storage containers. Although they may seem similar at a high level, they are made to meet different requirements. Hence, identifying your need will determine which is right for you. 

Both have a range of purposes, but depending on your specific needs, one may be better. It is essential to understand what each of them is meant for.

What Is a Storage Container?

Storage containers are initially made for ocean freight services and primarily function as shipping containers. They are also made for optimal storage; storage containers are low maintenance and provide more protection against weather, including being unaffected by snow loads. 

Storage containers are ground level, you can walk right in when on the ground, and it is typically 96” wide at the exterior and can have swing-style doors on either one or both ends for easy loading and unloading.

What Is a Storage Trailer?

A storage trailer is 52” high off the ground with widths between 96” and 102”. It has axles and wheels that make it easier to move, and it can be attached to vehicles such as trailer trucks when not fully loaded to haul or brought to a loading dock and moved on-site. Storage trailers are easier to load and unload and have overhead or swing-style doors.

Storage trailers have a higher level of maintenance due to the tires, breaks, and other components. However, they are not weather-proof; snow and ice must be cleared off their rooftop frequently during winter. 

Similarities of Storage Trailers and Storage Containers

Storage trailers and storage containers have a significant function; they are both versatile pieces of equipment that can be used for storage purposes, and they can store practically any engineering equipment on the construction site that can fit through their doors. 

Difference Between Storage Trailers and Storage Containers

There are a few key differences between a storage trailer and a storage container; although they share a significant function, they differ in their benefits. Here is some difference between a storage container and a storage trailer;

  1. A Storage Trailer sits 52 inches off the ground and can be brought to a loading dock and moved on-site; ground-level trailer storage is impossible due to their design. While a Storage Container is ground level, allowing you to walk right in. 
  2. Regarding sizes, a storage trailer is wider than a storage container. You can make good use of space with storage trailers than with storage containers 
  3. Storage containers are not moveable in themselves. Usually, they are transferred to their location using a flatbed truck or tilt-bed, not with their wheels; unlike a storage trailer, they are moveable and dock-level.
  4. Regarding the rental cost between a storage trailer and a container, storage containers cost cheaper. By choosing containers, you can save more money for the period.

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