Turn your backyard into a fun hangout space for the little ones with these 5 creative shipping container ideas for kids.

With spring break and summer vacation right around the corner, it’s the best time for parents to invest in unique outdoor spaces for their kids to hang out during their time off from school.
Get inspired with Aaron Supreme’s list of 5 creative shipping container ideas for kids and make this vacation season the best yet!

1. Game room

Game rooms are ideal for older kids and teens to hang out with friends.
Place a shipping container in your backyard and keep your kids entertained with a pool table, music, board games, and a television for video games.

5 Creative Shipping Container Ideas for Kids

2. Movie Theater

Movie nights are a top-tier summer activity for the whole family, and shipping containers are an affordable way to create a movie theater right in your backyard.
Install a flat-screen, set up a popcorn station, and lounge on comfy couches for a family movie night.

3. Playground

Keeping your kids active during the summer is one of many reasons to invest in an Aaron Supreme custom shipping container.
Shipping containers are an excellent choice for designing a playground. Equipe the jungle gym with swings, a tunnel slide, and a rock wall for climbing. A sure way to keep the kids busy any day of the week!

4. Playroom

Shipping containers can be great playrooms for toddlers and young children.

Add a craft table, make space for tea parties, build a blanket fort for naps, or incorporate anything else your kids like to do.
A shipping container playroom allows you to relax outside with the comfort of knowing your little ones are just a few steps away, playing with blocks and coloring pictures

5. Pool

Pools are essential for the kiddos who love spending hot summer days in the water.
Thankfully, shipping containers make perfect above-ground pools at prices parents will appreciate.
Avoid the high costs and year-long wait of building a pool by installing an Aaron Supreme shipping container pool instead.
As a bonus, you can take your pool along if you ever decide to move!

Let the fun begin!

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