Use Aaron Supreme’s pros and cons list to find the perfect new or used shipping container.

If you’re in the market for a container, you’re likely deciding between purchasing a new or used shipping container.

It can be a tough decision; ultimately, the right choice depends wholly on your container needs and desired budget.

To help you find the best container, Aaron Supreme compiled a list of the key differences and potential pros and cons of buying new or used containers.

New or Used Shipping Container: The Pros and Cons


The price is among the most significant differences between new and used shipping containers.

New containers are generally more expensive than used containers, and the price variation can be relatively sizeable.

Thankfully, one of the benefits of renting or buying an Aaron Supreme shipping container is our competitive pricing for new and used containers.

Setting a budget when shopping for your container is a good idea. Doing research beforehand—like you are now—is a great way to determine how much you will spend.


New containers will be in pristine condition and free of any wear and tear, dents, or rust.

As for used shipping containers, you will encounter containers ranging from nearly-new conditions to unreliable and unsafe conditions.

Some may have visible signs of extreme usage, like heavy rusting and visible denting. It is best to avoid containers with this level of damage to avoid increasing your budget with excessive repairs.

Whether buying new or used, It’s crucial to inspect containers thoroughly before purchasing them to ensure they meet your standards.


New and used shipping containers can be easily customized. Still, a new container may be better for projects like a container restaurant or classroom.

New containers can be easily modified to meet your needs, whether adding windows, doors, ventilation, or insulation.

Used containers, on the other hand, may have limited customization options due to their age and condition.

New or Used Shipping Container: The Pros and Cons


Both new and used shipping containers are incredibly durable and can be recycled.

Their steel material allows them to withstand harsh weather conditions and extensive transportation.

New containers will have a longer lifespan than used ones, but well-maintained used containers can still serve your needs for many years.

Environmental Impact

If you’re environmentally conscious, purchasing a used container may be more sustainable.

Reusing a shipping container reduces waste and carbon emissions from producing a new container.

However, ensuring that the used container you’re purchasing is in good condition and won’t require extensive repairs or modifications that could offset any environmental benefits is essential.


Either way you go, working with a reputable supplierlikeAaronSupreme for your container needs will ensure you receive a top-quality shipping container.

Our team thoroughly inspects every container before we rent and sell them. This process

New or Used Shipping Container: The Pros and Cons

ensures that we maintain an incredible inventory of new and used shipping containers for you to choose from.

Contact Aaron Supreme today, and we’ll deliver your shipping container in no time.