Heed These Best Practices to Extend the Life of Your Container

Yes, shipping containers are built to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, but this doesn’t mean they don’t need regular maintenance for a longer life span. Without regular maintenance, you may have to replace the unit or make costly repairs sooner than you otherwise would.

Top General Maintenance Tips

Want to know how you can maximize the life of your shipping container? Read on:

  1. Choose level ground. Location is everything, and you need an area of level ground on which to place your container. Not only does this make it easier to operate the doors, it keeps water and debris from accumulating underneath. If you don’t have level ground, rest it on railroad ties or concrete blocks for stability.
  2. Lubricate door hinges. When doors aren’t lubricated properly, they seize up. By applying grease regularly, they will work smoothly.
  3. Avoid putting weight on the roof. The corners are the strongest part of a container, while the weakest spot is the roof. Brush debris like dirt, leaves, twigs and snow off as they accumulate.
  4. Clean dirt and rust. This will reduce the chance of rust forming. You just need a hose, a cleaning agent and some bleach.
  5. Store only dry goods. Don’t store moist or wet items in your container, as this can lead to condensation buildup. Even though most containers have vents for airflow and reduced condensation, you still want to stick to dry goods. Keep the doors closed when it’s humid or raining out. Keep furniture or sensitive documents away from the walls, because this is where condensation will start to form first.
  6. Replace worn rubber door seals. Rubber seals keep the moisture out but they can fail at their job when they are worn. Replace seals, weather stripping and caulk regularly.

Top Roof Maintenance Tips

Your roof needs focused attention. Check out these tips for keeping your shipping container roof safe.

1.     Keep Weight Off the Roof

Your container’s structural integrity will be greatly reduced if you put weight on the roof. The corner castings are strong, but the middle part can bow and flex if you store stuff up there or walk on it. You can always ask the manufacturer to reinforce the roof.

2.     Remove Dirt and Rust

All you need is a hose and broom, bleach or anti-mildew solution. Scrub any surface rust and dirt that you see on the roof. For large dents, rusted areas, scratches or holes, call a repair expert to address these issues. If left unchecked, they will get worse.

3.     Perform Regular Inspections

Performing regular inspections will extend the life of your unit. If you see dents, get them repaired, as they can collect rain water, then start to rust on chipped paint areas.

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