Theft prevention is probably at the top of your priority list if you run a construction site. After all, job sites are subjected to increasing risks arising from arson, petty vandalism, and damage from protestors. But the top risk for all job sites no matter what you’re building, creating or fixing is plain old theft.

Some estimates show the loss of equipment from construction sites totals $1 billion per year, according to the National Equipment Register.

That doesn’t even include the costs involved in small items that have been stolen such as tools, materials and even productivity loss. Thus, theft prevention and security on your site are imperative.  

Did you know you can use storage containers to increase the security of your site?

Why is a Secure Job Site Important?

A secure jobsite means your equipment, tools, materials, office space, and scrap materials remain in the same place you left them and in the same condition.

The cost of theft from construction sites is high, and includes:

  • Loss of production due to the need to replace stolen items or repair vandalized items.
  • Direct replacement costs via purchase or rental.
  • Increased insurance costs and higher premiums.
  • Fees for missed construction deadlines.
  • Doctor bills for employees due to damaged equipment and chemical spills.

Benefits of Security With Containers

Robust security on your site will deter most thieves. By incorporating both hidden and obvious security measures on your site, you can not only deter thieves and troublemakers, you can also prevent theft of materials, tools and equipment.

You can achieve this by locking up all high-value items, materials, pieces of equipment and chemicals. When you have a tidy and secure site, it’s not as easy for thieves to grab and go.

There is also less risk of injury to workers in terms of trips and falls when everything is in its place. You can also reduce the risk of accidental fire when you store fuel in fire-resistant storage containers.

Storage containers also allow you to be more organized on site so you can grab what you need, when you need it. Plus, you can instantly know what you need to reorder for materials and equipment.

You will enjoy a more productive workforce, as your employees will be able to locate the tools they need quickly so they can get back to work.

When you use shipping containers on your site for secure storage, you will get peace of mind knowing your stuff is safe. That’s because shipping containers are made to withstand the harshest elements of the ocean.


You can add modifications to further strengthen your container, such as:

  • Bars over windows
  • After-market padlocks
  • Lock boxes
  • Inner bolting systems
  • Portable cross-bar locks

You want to make it tough for a thief to pick a lock, drill through one or cut it with bolt cutters. If you add backup measures, such as inner bolts, the thief can’t gain access to the interior of the container even if they manage to break the outside lock.

When you make it hard to get into the container, the thief will get discouraged and go elsewhere. They know time is not on their side so they won’t waste a lot of it trying to get into your container.

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