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5 Reasons You Should Invest In Storage Containers for Construction Sites

Construction sites require many tools and materials, and it can be daunting to keep track of them while working on the site on a job. Once these materials aren’t adequately kept or stored, it will be difficult to find or locate tools when needed, which can delay or slow down the job. Proper storage is also essential for safety on site. 

Hence, a storage container is an essential item in a construction site. It makes things easier because it provides a convenient space for tools, equipment, and supplies. Once construction tools and equipment are neatly organized in the storage container, it makes work faster and helps the team meet deadlines.

The importance and benefits of using a storage container on construction sites are numerous. Read on to find out 5 reasons why you should invest in storage containers for your construction sites

1. Easy storage on construction sites 

Shipping containers can be regarded as one size fit all. The term one size fits all is used to describe container storage because it is versatile and can store almost all the onsite equipment, tools, and supplies. However, there are different shipping container sizes, and you only need to get the one that fits your job. 

2. Makes the most out of space

It is crucial that on construction sites, things stay structured because clustered construction time can lead to a waste of time as workers can spend more time on a task. Hence, the construction site should be free of excessive materials and clusters. Thus, a storage container is needed to store the material to free up space needed on the construction site for easy mobility.

3. Theft prevention on construction sites 

Sometimes tools and materials are left on site even when there is no ongoing work. This can increase the risk of theft. A storage container reduces this risk by providing an onsite secured storage structure for securing your material. Locking the container can as well prevent access by unwanted people.

4. Weather Protection

Construction can occur at any time of the year;  weather features, such as rain, snow, fog etc., can damage equipment and materials for outdoor construction sites. Hence, a storage container is needed to protect the materials and equipment from unpredicted weather and even construction debris.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Getting a storage container is usually cost-effective and saves time compared to other traditional storage systems. It is more expensive and time-consuming to erect a building on construction for a storage system.

Rounding Up

Purchasing a storage container on construction sites is a worthy investment, especially when you get a quality one from a reliable supplier. It save you from stress, keep you safe, and ultimately save cost. 

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5 Reasons to Invest in a Custom Shipping Container

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Custom Container

When it comes to storage solutions, there are few options that match the cost-effectiveness, convenience, and flexibility of investing in custom shipping containers. From providing extra bedroom space to creating private offices or even pop-up cafes – Aaron Supreme offers the perfect solution for any project. Here are 5 reasons why people should invest in custom shipping containers:

1. Security & Durability

2987089448 Dream of a 20 foot long modern white office made from a steel shipping container with windows on a

Aaron Supreme containers are made with reinforced steel layers and tack welds so they’re incredibly strong and resilient against potential break-ins. Each unit comes with features like lock bars and hasps for extra protection and is designed to last up to 25 years – giving you a reliable long-term option for your investments.

2. Low-Cost Solutions

Aaron Supreme provides competitive prices no matter what size space you have, making it easier than ever to find something suitable within your budget. They also offer rental opportunities too; meaning those who need a container only for a short period of time can get one without having to invest too much into it!

3. Flexible Uses

Custom shipping containers can be used for practically anything from extra bedrooms, offices, and greenhouses to pop-up bars and cafes! Whatever creative idea you have in mind – these units give you the freedom to make them exactly how you would like them!

4. Easy Assembly & Transportation

Assembling Aaron Supreme’s containers is incredibly easy; plus they’re also lightweight enough to be transported as quickly as possible when needed! The combination of transportation ease along with simple assembly makes these units extremely practical in many situations where speed might be of the essence when tackling projects or just relocating them somewhere else after use!

5 Eco-Friendly Choice

Finally, Aaron Supreme also offers eco-friendly designs for those who take environmental sustainability seriously; ensuring that everyone can make responsible choices while getting the right storage solutions at competitive rates. So not only do you get something spacious and practical but also an investment that helps protect our planet too!

All in all, when thinking about storage solutions nothing quite beats a custom shipping container from Aaron Supreme – offering unbeatable security while allowing maximum creativity and still being eco-friendly at the same time! So if you’re looking for an affordable yet durable option then what better way than this? Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your custom container needs.

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Create A Space Of Comfort and Convenience With A Secure Shipping Container For Your Home or Office

Create A Space With A Container For Your Home or Office Project

shipping container custom modifications

With Aaron Supreme, you can easily turn your home or office into a place of comfort and convenience with a secure shipping container. This company offers a wide selection of containers that are adaptable to any project, so whether you need an extra bedroom, private office, pop-up bar or cafe, greenhouses – or whatever else you can think up – they have got the perfect solution for you!

Security & Durability

The Aaron Supreme shipping containers are made from steel with reinforced layers and tack welds in order to be as strong as possible against potential break-ins. Plus, each unit is designed to last up to 25 years; giving you a reliable long-term option for those who need something sturdy yet flexible over time – plus if you ever do need a unit replaced then Aaron Supreme offers swift services too! And if all that wasn’t enough additional features such as lock bars and hasps provide exceptional security for your projects and investments.

Low-Cost Solution

In addition to cost-effectiveness, these storage containers come with competitive prices no matter what size space you have – ensuring that everyone can find something suitable within their budget. Plus, this company also provides rental opportunities for those who only need a container for a short period of time; making it easier than ever to tackle projects without having to invest too much into it.

Customizable Solutions

The best part about getting an Aaron Supreme container is the ability to customize it exactly how you would like it. You don’t just have the range of standard models available but also get the flexibility to create something totally unique. With their adjustable varieties complete with special features for added protection – there’s potentially limitless potential when considering how best to make use of limited spaces!

All in all, investing in an Aaron Supreme shipping container whether buying permanently or renting temporarily is certainly one of the wisest decisions out there. Not only do they come at highly competitive prices but offer unbeatable durability and security while allowing creative freedom when creating something truly unique and practically useful at the same time – making them the go-to option when considering storage solutions!

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Storage Solutions For Small and Big Spaces: Why A Shipping Container Is The Right Choice

Why A Shipping Container Is A Better Option

Aaron Supreme, a trusted provider for all your shipping and storage container needs, has the perfect solution no matter what project you have in mind. From storing machinery or materials to creating an extra office space or even designing a customized home theater – shipping containers are both cost-effective and incredibly versatile!

shipping containers connecticut

Aaron Supreme containers offer top-of-the-line security for your projects and investments. Constructed of steel with augmented layers and tack welds, they guarantee maximum protection against break-ins. To maximize safety even further these containers come equipped with additional features such as lock bars and hasps that can withstand the toughest conditions. Use them at work or home – either way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your belongings are secure!

Renting vs Purchasing

If you’re searching for a more short-term plan, renting one of the company’s shipping containers is the ideal solution. You’ll be able to make use of this space when necessary without having to worry about committing long-term or paying high prices associated with leasing bigger warehouse spaces or other commercial units. Furthermore, if your project requires just temporary storage capacity, you can reap benefits from seasonal fluxes by only using it as and when required – perfect!

With Aaron Supreme’s custom design feature, the possibilities for your next project are virtually limitless. You can use this space to host an event like a pop-up bar or cafe; create an extra bedroom; build offices for privacy; add shelves and racks to store more inventory; set up a studio from scratch; make pet areas in homes with multiple animals living together, or get creative and construct a unique one of the kind greenhouse! Unleash your imagination as you bring your vision into reality.

Security & Versatility

In conclusion, Aaron Supreme’s shipping containers give you the most value for your money whether it is a short-term rental or long-term purchase. These boxes offer an unparalleled combination of usability and aesthetics that cater to all types of needs – from completely changing living spaces to making optimal use of limited space. They are great solutions both professionally as well as personally, bringing purposeful functionality into any environment. Contact Aaron Supreme for all of your container needs.

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Container for Work or Play: How Shipping Containers Can Help Your Next Project

Aaron Supreme is a provider of shipping and storage containers, so no matter your project you know you can trust them. Whether it’s a place to store machinery or materials, an extra room for your office, or even a customized home theater, shipping containers are an affordable solution with a wide variety of uses.

How Can Shipping Containers Help Your Next Project?

home storage container

Let’s look at the ways you can use a sturdy, reliable container for work or play. To start off with, Aaron Supreme’s containers provide exceptional security for your projects and investments. They are made from steel with reinforced layers and tack welds in order to be as secure as possible from break-ins. Additionally, their containers come equipped with additional features such as lock bars and hasps to ensure safety and privacy further.

Great Temporary Option

A great option if you’re looking for something more temporary is renting one of the company’s shipping containers. This allows you to use the space when needed without having to worry about long-term commitments or expenses involved in leasing larger warehouse spaces or other commercial units. You can also take advantage of seasonal fluctuations by only using the area when needed – perfect for those who need a project that needs only short-term storage capacity.

Custom Options For Your Container Needs

And because Aaron Supreme offers custom designs on top of their standard models, there is virtually no limit to how creative you can get with your next project. You could create an outdoor event space like a pop-up bar or cafe; turn it into an extra bedroom; construct private offices; expand the inventory by adding shelves and racks; set up a studio; build out a pet area for homes with multiple animals; design a unique greenhouse – really whatever your imagination can come up with!

Flexible and Affordable

To summarize, Aaron Supreme’s shipping containers provide a huge bang for your buck whether short-term rental or long-term purchase making them the smart choice when considering options on how to maximize value while creating something special that meets all its requirements in terms of usability and aesthetics. From transforming living spaces to making efficient use of a limited area, these versatile boxes make great professional and personal solutions that add purposeful functionality to any environment. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

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20-Foot Storage Container Uses For Construction

Construction Site Storage Solutions

Secure Your Job Site

If you’re working on a construction site, then you know that having a 20-foot storage container can be a lifesaver. Construction sites often lack surveillance and or security and our 20-foot storage containers can give you the peace of mind you need to feel secure about your job-site valuables. 20-Foot Storage Container uses for construction also help protect your tools and equipment from the elements. After the current job wraps, your tools and supplies may carry over to other project sites, storage containers help to keep your materials from eroding and other damage.

Great For Organization On A Construction Site

A 20-foot storage container is a great way to store your materials while you’re working on a project. You can keep all of your materials in one place, which makes it easy to find what you need and helps you stay organized. 20-foot storage containers are also weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about your materials getting damaged by the sun or rain.

Trusted Container Supplier, Aaron Supreme

If you’re looking for a place to store your 20-foot storage container, Aaron Supreme has a variety of mobile storage containers that are perfect for any construction site. Aaron Supreme’s mobile storage containers are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the elements. Aaron Supreme’s mobile storage containers come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

These containers are perfect for:

  • storing tools,
  • storing materials,
  • storing other equipment that you need to keep safe and organized.

Leader In Storage Container Supply

Aaron Supreme is one of the leading providers of mobile storage containers. We have a wide selection of 20-foot storage containers that are perfect for construction sites. Our containers are made from high-quality materials and are built to last.

We understand the unique needs of construction sites, so we offer a variety of features that will make your job easier. Our containers have doors that open up to 90 degrees, making loading and unloading materials easy. We also offer side access doors and an optional ramp for easy loading.

Our 20-foot storage containers are the perfect solution for your construction site needs. Contact Aaron Supreme today to learn more about our products and services.

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Heed These Best Practices to Extend the Life of Your Container


Yes, shipping containers are built to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, but this doesn’t mean they don’t need regular maintenance for a longer life span. Without regular maintenance, you may have to replace the unit or make costly repairs sooner than you otherwise would.

Top General Maintenance Tips

Want to know how you can maximize the life of your shipping container? Read on:

  1. Choose level ground. Location is everything, and you need an area of level ground on which to place your container. Not only does this make it easier to operate the doors, it keeps water and debris from accumulating underneath. If you don’t have level ground, rest it on railroad ties or concrete blocks for stability.
  2. Lubricate door hinges. When doors aren’t lubricated properly, they seize up. By applying grease regularly, they will work smoothly.
  3. Avoid putting weight on the roof. The corners are the strongest part of a container, while the weakest spot is the roof. Brush debris like dirt, leaves, twigs and snow off as they accumulate.
  4. Clean dirt and rust. This will reduce the chance of rust forming. You just need a hose, a cleaning agent and some bleach.
  5. Store only dry goods. Don’t store moist or wet items in your container, as this can lead to condensation buildup. Even though most containers have vents for airflow and reduced condensation, you still want to stick to dry goods. Keep the doors closed when it’s humid or raining out. Keep furniture or sensitive documents away from the walls, because this is where condensation will start to form first.
  6. Replace worn rubber door seals. Rubber seals keep the moisture out but they can fail at their job when they are worn. Replace seals, weather stripping and caulk regularly.

Top Roof Maintenance Tips

Your roof needs focused attention. Check out these tips for keeping your shipping container roof safe.

1.     Keep Weight Off the Roof

Your container’s structural integrity will be greatly reduced if you put weight on the roof. The corner castings are strong, but the middle part can bow and flex if you store stuff up there or walk on it. You can always ask the manufacturer to reinforce the roof.

2.     Remove Dirt and Rust

All you need is a hose and broom, bleach or anti-mildew solution. Scrub any surface rust and dirt that you see on the roof. For large dents, rusted areas, scratches or holes, call a repair expert to address these issues. If left unchecked, they will get worse.

3.     Perform Regular Inspections

Performing regular inspections will extend the life of your unit. If you see dents, get them repaired, as they can collect rain water, then start to rust on chipped paint areas.

Contact Aaron Supreme

Now that you know how to properly care for your container, get in touch with Aaron Supreme for a variety of units in any size you need. Get a free quote when you call us at 800.243.0403.

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How to Choose the Right Container Ramp

20' mobile shipping container office ext

Aaron Supreme explains how to choose the right container ramp for your shipping container. Contact us today to learn about our containers.

f you have a shipping container and plan to store machinery, equipment, vehicles or other heavy-duty goods in there, you will need a safe and efficient way to unload them. That’s where a container ramp comes in. But how do you know which one to choose?

First off, you’ll need a container ramp that is able to support the weight of your equipment while efficiently moving it out of the container and into a warehouse or other area. To make the most informed decision on which type of ramp to invest in, check out these guidelines.

Know Which Equipment You Need to Load and Unload

First you have to determine how goods are usually unloaded at your facility, whether with a dolly, hand cart, pallet jack or a forklift. All of these tools have different weights, applications and wheel sizes. If you use hand carts, you can choose a light-duty ramp that doesn’t need to span the container’s full width.

If you use pallet jacks, you’ll need a medium to heavy duty ramp with higher weight capacities. It will also have to span 35 inches (at least) in order to accommodate the forks. If you use forklifts for heavier shipments, you’ll need a ramp with a heavy-duty weight capacity and grit traction surface. When you consider that forklifts weigh 9,000 pounds on average, you’ll need a ramp able to support 20,000 pounds or more, when you add in the load weight.

Measure the Floor Height

Most shipping containers have a ground to floor height of between six and eight inches so your ramp should accommodate the correct height.

Review Connection Point Options

Container ramps need to fit snugly with the edge of your shipping container. Not all ramps will achieve this in the same way. Some feature cut-outs that will fit over and around your locks. Others have a lip that can clear the locks completely. And still others will sit right on the container’s edge without going near the locks at all yet have chains you can lock into position to prevent slippage.

Consider Portability

If you think you’ll be moving your ramps with just manpower, choose one that can handle the load yet is light enough to easily transport. If you use forklifts for heavy lifting, choose a ramp with fork-holds for easier portability.

Decide on Traction Surface

The traction surface you choose will depend on your equipment and your climate. Fine surface coatings are better for dry climates, while grit coatings are better in areas of high precipitation. Diamond plate has great anti-skid properties no matter what the climate, and punch plate surfaces provide greater traction for forklifts in icy and snowy conditions.

Contact Aaron Supreme

Need more guidance on the type of container ramp you need? Just give us a call at 800.243.0403. We would be happy to talk with you about our shipping containers, ramps and other accessories.

20 foot refurbished shipping containers
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Shipping Container Buildings: Think Outside the Box

factory slider g

Aaron Supreme explains all about the shipping container buildings. Contact Aaron Supreme to learn about our products.

Buildings converted from shipping containers have been growing in popularity in the last decade or so, but their uses go beyond the simple tiny home, swimming pool or storage unit. There are many container-based buildings out there today that look cool but also provide an essential structure for purposes ranging from community centers to military training outposts.

Here’s a look at some interesting uses of shipping container buildings.

Sports Stadiums

You can use the versatility and mobility of shipping containers to host sporting events and festivals. Shipping containers are conducive to sports stadiums thanks to their modular construction, so much so that you could pair dozens or even hundreds of them together within a short span of time. This is a desirable option when compared with the time and cost of traditional construction.

Construction Site Workspaces

Imagine crafting a two-story observation workspace to overlook your construction, rock quarry, development or other area. In such a workspace, you can include a breakroom for drivers transporting loads, an office for real estate agents to go over pertinent home information with potential buyers, as well as the HVAC, plumbing and electricity needed to do it year round.

The top-level 20-foot container could comprise the office space with private bathroom, with the ability to watch over the construction site from an eagle-eye vantage point. The bottom level could combine two 20-foot containers into one big space that includes a bathroom, kitchenette, break room area, and locker room. The best part about shipping containers is that they can be stacked into position in just a few hours. Thanks to the durability and portability of these units, the structure can last for many years without fail.

Training Facilities

Military training villages can be constructed out of shipping containers in a quick and effective manner. The site can be used to train soldiers in the military, complete with walls, doors and windows that simulate the homes or businesses that troops would be seeing on deployment. Such a village is easy to reconfigure and modify to cater to multiple scenarios. These structures are also much more durable than a standard stick-built structure and can stand up to the rigors of military training on the daily.

Community Spaces

Community members and officials who want to breathe new life into deteriorating neighborhoods can create a community center that includes resources for everyone who lives in the vicinity, including a police substation.

For instance, three 40-foot shipping containers can be paired to provide private office space, kitchen area and bathroom, with the ability to be relocated easily if need be with quick disassembly. Such a structure could become a source of pride within the community, bringing neighbors together with local leaders to discuss important issues surrounding the area. It can also include a space for community events to further solidify the neighborhood.

Contact Aaron Supreme

If any of these out-of-the box ideas sound good to you, we can set you up with the basic containers and raw materials you need to make it happen. To learn more about pricing, contact us at 800-243-0403.

20' mobile shipping container office ext
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The Most Common Modifications for MA Shipping Containers

If you’re looking to invest in a shipping container in MA, you may have other uses for it instead of just storage or shipping. Fortunately, there are interior or exterior modifications you can make to the unit to enhance its operation according to your unique needs. From shelving and ventilation to paint and plumbing, check out these popular modifications you can make to your MA shipping container.


Interior Paint

Standard shipping containers are not painted on the inside. There are many reasons why you would paint the interior of your container, such as when you want to convert yours to an office, food stand, locker room, restroom, etc. Whenever the inside appearance of the unit is at stake, such as when viewed by guests, customers, and employees, painting is a wise idea.


Typical storage containers are available with marine-grade moisture-resistant flooring, but many people choose to upgrading the flooring. You would do this if you are using your container as a conference room, training room, mobile office, or any other professional environment. Vinyl that mimics wood plank is a nice idea. Mobile restrooms, though, will need a more durable flooring type, such as slip-resistant, easy to clean polyvinyl flooring. And if you’re using it as a portable gym, rubber or soft mat flooring are good choices.


Do you plan to open a restaurant or cafe out of your storage container? Or will you be using it as a workplace kitchen? You’ll need plumbing for toilets, fridges, sinks and more.


You’ll likely need to add more lighting when repurposing your MA shipping container. Consider adding general and task lighting, such as overhead lights, recessed lights and pendant lights. LED lighting is even great to outline your personnel doors. And if security is on your mind, addmotion sensors that activate when motion has been detected.

Rooftop Decks

All that space above the container can be put to good use. Try adding a rooftop deck if you work on a construction site and need to survey your workers and the overall layout.


If your container will be used to store valuable items, such as equipment for your business or important documents, you should add locking mechanisms that offer more security beyond standard locks. From cargo door locks to lock boxes to security swing arms, the possibilities are endless.


There’s really no limit to the modifications you can make on your shipping container. Some more popular options include:

  • Windows
  • Roll-up doors
  • Personnel doors
  • Vents and fans
  • Sky lights
  • Heat and AC units
  • Cargo doors
  • Custom cutouts
  • Security bars
  • Framing and insulation
  • Solar panels
  • Electrical
  • Partitions
  • Shelving

Advantages of Shipping Container Modifications

There are lots of advantages associated with making modifications to your MA shipping container. When you add custom features, your container becomes:

  • Customizable
  • Safe and durable
  • Affordable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Weather- and rodent-resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Personalized

Contact Aaron Supreme

To learn more about the modifications we can help with or to get a free quote on your next unit, contact us at 800-243-0403.