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Utilizing Shipping Containers For Events: The Latest Trend

Shipping Containers For Events

shipping container custom modifications

Shipping containers have become a popular trend for events, from weddings to conferences and even music festivals. Aaron Supreme’s containers provide an affordable, secure way of creating unforgettable moments and experiences – here’s why people are choosing this option over traditional methods:

1. Cost & Time Efficiency

Renting or buying a shipping container is much more cost-effective than hiring out a venue; plus you save on time too since these units can be quickly set up and taken down when needed. As such they offer an ideal solution for those who want a hassle-free experience with minimal investment required!

2. Maximum Flexibility & Customization Options

The flexibility of Aaron Supreme’s containers allows you to customize them however you like – giving you the chance to create something truly unique for your event! From changing the color scheme to adding furniture and artwork or audio equipment – the options are virtually endless. Plus because of their modular design customization can be done easily and in almost any location!

3. All Weather Protection

One of the most important aspects of running events is making sure everything stays safe from extreme weather conditions – with Aaron Supreme’s steel-reinforced walls that’s one less issue to worry about! The thick layers offer superior protection so whatever happens outside won’t affect what’s happening inside; allowing everyone peace of mind while enjoying their day/night/weekend/etcetera.

4. Eco-Friendly Option

Finally, using shipping containers made by Aaron Supreme rather than hiring out a specific venue helps protect our environment too. They use eco-friendly designs which reduce energy costs significantly while still providing superior security and maximum space utilization – meaning that you don’t only get an unforgettable experience but also help make responsible choices too!

Overall, utilizing shipping containers is becoming increasingly popular as more people recognize their efficiency, affordability, convenience, maximum customization potential, and eco-friendliness benefits. With Aaron Supreme offering top-quality products combined with unbeatable customer service – there has never been a better time than now to invest in one of these great solutions for your upcoming event/project needs!

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How to Design and Utilize a Shipping Container Studio

Shipping Container Studio Design

Shipping containers offer more than just an economical, durable storage solution – they can also be transformed into a stylish, customizable living and working spaces. With Aaron Supreme’s secure shipping containers, you can design your very own studio setup quickly, easily, and affordably. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect studio space with your container:

1. Choosing Your Space

1164966154 Design a small shipping container work studio small one floor only using a white shipping contain

For starters, decide where you want your studio to be located – whether it’s in your garden or as part of an existing building project. Consider the factors of security, practicality, and any legal or zoning guidelines that may be in place too. Then get in touch with Aaron Supreme and they’ll tell you exactly what type of container will fit perfectly within your chosen area and budget!

2. Maximizing Space & Ambience

When it comes to making the most of the available space inside the unit, Aaron Supreme has all sorts of accessories to help you do this – from fold-down desks and seating benches to electrical points for computers/phones, etc. Plus there’s lots of room for personalized touches such as multi-purpose lighting rigs and acoustic panels; meaning you can create a unique atmosphere that is tailored solely to your needs!

3. Efficient Insulation

The benefit of having a dedicated space means that heating bills won’t go through the roof – but nevertheless, insulation is still important if you want to make sure extra energy isn’t unnecessarily wasted! So make sure to line the walls and ceiling with insulation materials such as rock wool or polystyrene foam; these not only keep temperatures consistent but also help improve sound quality by blocking out any external noise!

4. Optimising Natural Lighting & Ventilation

Where possible try to optimize natural lighting during set up – this not only makes work easier but also helps reduce energy costs further since there won’t be a need for lamps/bulbs 24/7 (plus using daylight helps keep working conditions healthy too). Also, don’t forget about ventilation when customizing your unit too; good airflow means better concentration levels over long periods of time!

5 Maintenance & Security

Because Aaron Supreme cargo containers are made with reinforced steel layers and tack welds they provide superior protection from potential break-ins – plus each unit comes with features like lock bars and hasps for extra security measures! Nevertheless, regular maintenance is still advised; so make sure that any door frames/gaps are kept clean at all times and use high-grade weatherproof paint/coatings if needed.

With these thoughtful design ideas in mind coupled with high-quality service from Aaron Supreme you’ll have everything necessary for creating that perfect studio setup right away – no matter what particular situation or budget you have in mind! Contact us to see how we can help with your custom studio project.

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Benefits of Utilizing Aaron Supreme Shipping Containers

Benefits of Working With Aaron Supreme For Your Shipping Container Needs

aaron supreme residential storage container

Whether you’re looking for a more permanent storage solution to maximize value or need something temporary, Aaron Supreme offers the perfect shipping container solution. Let’s look at the many reasons why their containers are the right choice.

Cost-Effective Solutions

First of all, Aaron Supreme’s containers come with competitive prices no matter what size space you have – ensuring that everyone can find something suitable within their budget. Plus, this company also provides rental opportunities for those who only need a container for a short period of time; making it easier than ever to tackle projects without having to invest too much into it.

Exceptional Security Features

In addition to cost-effectiveness, these storage containers provide exceptional security for your projects and investments. They are made from steel with reinforced layers and tack welds in order to be as secure as possible from break-ins. Additionally, their containers come equipped with additional features such as lock bars and hasps to further ensure safety and privacy.

Durable Design & Versatility

To top things off, Aaron Supreme’s shipping containers are also designed to last up to 25 years; offering reliable long-term options for those who need something sturdy yet flexible over time. Plus, with custom designs on top of the standard models available – there is virtually no limit to how creative you can get with your project! You could create an outdoor event space like a pop-up bar or cafe; turn it into an extra bedroom; construct private offices; expand the inventory by adding shelves and racks; set up a studio; build out a pet area for homes with multiple animals; or design a unique greenhouse – really whatever your imagination can come up with!

Aaron Supreme Containers

All in all, Aaron Supreme shipping containers offer massive bang for your buck when it comes to storage solutions both short-term container rental and long-term container purchase – making them the smart option when considering how best to use limited spaces! Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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Securing Your Job Site With Shipping Containers

Theft prevention is probably at the top of your priority list if you run a construction site. After all, job sites are subjected to increasing risks arising from arson, petty vandalism, and damage from protestors. But the top risk for all job sites no matter what you’re building, creating or fixing is plain old theft.

Some estimates show the loss of equipment from construction sites totals $1 billion per year, according to the National Equipment Register.

That doesn’t even include the costs involved in small items that have been stolen such as tools, materials and even productivity loss. Thus, theft prevention and security on your site are imperative.  

Did you know you can use storage containers to increase the security of your site?

Why is a Secure Job Site Important?

A secure jobsite means your equipment, tools, materials, office space, and scrap materials remain in the same place you left them and in the same condition.

The cost of theft from construction sites is high, and includes:

  • Loss of production due to the need to replace stolen items or repair vandalized items.
  • Direct replacement costs via purchase or rental.
  • Increased insurance costs and higher premiums.
  • Fees for missed construction deadlines.
  • Doctor bills for employees due to damaged equipment and chemical spills.

Benefits of Security With Containers

Robust security on your site will deter most thieves. By incorporating both hidden and obvious security measures on your site, you can not only deter thieves and troublemakers, you can also prevent theft of materials, tools and equipment.

You can achieve this by locking up all high-value items, materials, pieces of equipment and chemicals. When you have a tidy and secure site, it’s not as easy for thieves to grab and go.

There is also less risk of injury to workers in terms of trips and falls when everything is in its place. You can also reduce the risk of accidental fire when you store fuel in fire-resistant storage containers.

Storage containers also allow you to be more organized on site so you can grab what you need, when you need it. Plus, you can instantly know what you need to reorder for materials and equipment.

You will enjoy a more productive workforce, as your employees will be able to locate the tools they need quickly so they can get back to work.

When you use shipping containers on your site for secure storage, you will get peace of mind knowing your stuff is safe. That’s because shipping containers are made to withstand the harshest elements of the ocean.


You can add modifications to further strengthen your container, such as:

  • Bars over windows
  • After-market padlocks
  • Lock boxes
  • Inner bolting systems
  • Portable cross-bar locks

You want to make it tough for a thief to pick a lock, drill through one or cut it with bolt cutters. If you add backup measures, such as inner bolts, the thief can’t gain access to the interior of the container even if they manage to break the outside lock.

When you make it hard to get into the container, the thief will get discouraged and go elsewhere. They know time is not on their side so they won’t waste a lot of it trying to get into your container.

Contact Aaron Supreme

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